Seamus Corry

Edward E. Mosley Jr.

Chief Wellbeing Officer, UK

Chief Leadership Development Officer, USA

Seamus Corry is our Chief Wellbeing Officer, based out of the United Kingdom, specializing in mental health in the workplace. He teaches the GRASP method to corporations and leadership teams both within the UK and globally. With a background that began with training for the ministerial priesthood and over 25 years of continued professional development, Seamus possesses a unique ability to engage, mentor, support, and guide individuals from all backgrounds to realize their true potential.

His approach is grounded in authenticity, trust, and ongoing commitment. Together, we deliver impactful mental health and wellbeing programs, confidence and motivation-building workshops, and personal mentoring packages. As one organization remarked, “Seamus Corry knows grief, loneliness, and rejection like no other. Because of this, he also knows transformation, empowerment, and resilience. His experience and life story, coupled with his genuine, kind, and nurturing soul, are the foundation of The Potentially You Project. Over the past 25 years, Seamus has successfully delivered mental health and wellbeing support, confidence and motivation-building, and personal mentoring development packages for individuals and organizations.”

Edward E. Mosley, Jr., a former combat veteran of the United States Marine Corps, is now a distinguished executive leadership coach, author, and international speaker. Having overcome profound loss and adversity, Edward exemplifies resilience and leadership. Through his compelling narrative, he reaches out to leaders facing similar challenges, offering hope and inspiration in the face of adversity and change.

Together, Edward and I collaborate to deliver powerful presentations and workshops to corporations and leadership teams across the USA both virtually or in person. We focus on leadership and developing best practices for cultivating sustainable work cultures where leaders and teams thrive. Through our combined expertise, we provide actionable insights and strategies that inspire and empower organizations to achieve long-term success and resilience. Edward’s methodology has consistently led to remarkable transformations, with an average of 30% increased employee retention among the corporations he advises, demonstrating the tangible impact of effective leadership and cohesive team dynamics.