Are You a Bestselling Author or a Best-Selling Author in North Carolina, USA?

Are You a Bestselling Author


The distinction between being a “bestselling author” and a “best-selling author” might appear subtle, but it carries significant weight in the literary world. Aspiring writers, especially in North Carolina, USA, are often intrigued by this discrepancy and how it can impact their careers. In this article, we’ll explore the difference between these terms and discuss what it takes to become a bestselling author, particularly in the vibrant literary landscape of North Carolina.

Deciphering the Terminology

To comprehend the significance of these terms, let’s first clarify their meanings

Bestselling Author

A bestselling author is one whose book has achieved notable success in terms of copies sold, often reaching the top of bestseller lists in reputable publications or platforms. The term “bestselling” emphasizes the author’s work as being in high demand and widely appreciated by readers.

Best-Selling Author

On the other hand, a best-selling author, with a hyphen, refers to an author who has sold many books. While their works may not necessarily have reached the top of bestseller lists, they have garnered substantial sales, which is a noteworthy achievement in itself.

Becoming a Bestselling Author in North Carolina

In North Carolina, a state with a rich literary history and a thriving community of writers, the pursuit of becoming a bestselling author is a goal for many. Here’s how you can strive to achieve this distinction:


  1. Write an Exceptional Book: The foundation of becoming a bestselling author is creating a compelling and well-crafted book. Focus on your writing skills, storytelling, and providing unique perspectives or insights.
  1. Understand Your Target Audience: It is essential to know your target readers and tailor your book to meet their preferences. North Carolina boasts diverse demographics, so identifying your niche is crucial.
  1. Effective Marketing: Promoting your book effectively is critical to becoming a bestselling author. Utilize social media, book launches, and local literary events in North Carolina to gain exposure.
  1. Positive Reviews: Encourage readers to leave reviews. Positive feedback can help your book gain credibility and attract a wider audience.
  1. Leverage Local Support: North Carolina has a close-knit literary community. Engage with local writers’ groups, book clubs, and libraries to gain support and recognition.
  1. Utilize Self-Publishing: If you’re an independent author, consider self-publishing through platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Many successful authors have started this way.

The Journey of a Bestselling Author

Becoming a bestselling author is not just about sales figures; it’s a journey of passion, dedication, and a commitment to your craft. Here are some experiences shared by North Carolina authors who have achieved this distinction:


  1. Patience is Key: Bestselling author Ron Rash, known for his novels set in the Appalachian region, emphasizes that patience and persistence are vital. Success doesn’t come overnight, and it’s crucial to keep refining your writing.
  1. Local Inspiration: Bestselling author Lee Smith, a North Carolina native, often draws inspiration from her roots. She suggests embracing your regional identity and unique perspectives can set you apart.
  1. Reader Connection: North Carolina-based bestseller David Sedaris highlights the importance of connecting with your readers personally. Authenticity and relatability can foster a loyal fan base.


Becoming a bestselling author in North Carolina, USA, is rewarding but challenging. While the distinction between “bestselling” and “best-selling” might seem minor, it signifies a significant achievement in the literary world. Authors in this vibrant state have the advantage of a supportive academic community, which can be instrumental in their journey. With a well-crafted book, effective marketing, and a deep understanding of their audience, North Carolina authors can aspire to achieve the coveted status of a bestselling author, enriching the state’s literary heritage.

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