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My mission is to create unstoppably confident leaders and teams through Keynote Speaking, Workshop Facilitation, and Coaching. I believe that confidence is a necessary cornerstone for extraordinary achievements, lasting impact, and unprecedented success.

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Speaking & Workshop Facilitation

Tara is a leadership speaker with a strong skill set as an experienced facilitator who teaches participants, “How to Techniques” and “Practical Application Strategies” to ensure success in the modern workplace.

Her most in-demand keynote is centered around her bestselling book, “How To GRASP Confidence & Own Your Power.” She teaches her audiences how to increase their confidence with a simple 5 step method that she used to transform her life and make her a more effective and purpose-driven leader. She will be teaching this method on the TEDx stage in Nottinghamshire, England in 2024 to a global audience.

Client Testimonial:

“I first met Tara LaFon Gooch at a conference where she was one of the keynote speakers. Her delivery style was clear, concise, and captivating, and she easily broke down some complex topics into easily understandable strategies that left a lasting impression on those of us in the audience.”

-Lysa Allman-Baldwin

CEO & Leadership Speaker

Bestselling Author
Leadership Speaker
Stage Confidence Coaching
Unlock the confidence to command higher fees for speaking engagements, amplify your influence, and build trust with your audience by mastering presentation skills.
Captivate audiences with tailored coaching that hones in on authentic delivery, body language mastery, and impactful storytelling. Whether you’re a seasoned speaker or gearing up for your first TEDx talk, our coaching empowers you with the confidence and refined skills to deliver a compelling narrative that leaves a lasting impression. Unleash your full potential and transform your stage presence into a powerful tool for effective communication and connection with your audience.
Client Testimonial: 

“As a professional speaker of 12 years, I was charging four-figures. I booked my first five-figure speaking engagement because of Tara’s confidence coaching within one week.”

-Michael Towers, International Speaker, Author & Mental Health Counselor

Strategic Brand consulting

Turn your speaking hobby into a 6-7 Figure/year thriving business!

Strategic Brand Consulting is a perfect fit for thought leaders, authors, keynote speakers, or subject-matter experts who want to develop a world-class brand that is widely known and respected. 

This is a perfect fit for you if you are looking to land a TEDx talk or be seen on International stages. We help our clients gain exposure, amplify their influence, stand out, and stay remembered with personalized brand strategy that drives results and increases revenue. If you want to be seen as more credible, increase your income, amplify your influence, and differentiate yourself from the competition, we can help.

Strategic Brand Consulting comes in  Discovery package, VIP package, & Celebrity package offerings.


Client Testimonial:

“Tara’s innovative approach to branding takes you beyond what you ever imagined was possible! After working on my speaking programs, marketing material, LinkedIn posts, and overall brand strategy I was able to increase my offering anywhere from 200-500%”

-Edward E. Mosley Jr., International Speaker, Author & Coach

Leadership Speaker
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