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My mission is to create unstoppably confident leaders and teams through Keynote Speaking, Workshop Facilitation, and Consulting. Confidence serves as a crucial foundation for extraordinary accomplishments, enduring impact, and unparalleled success.

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Speaking & Workshop Facilitation

Tara is a leadership speaker with a strong skill set as an experienced facilitator who teaches participants, “How to Techniques” and “Practical Application Strategies” to ensure success in the modern workplace.

Her most in-demand keynote is centered around her bestselling book, “How To GRASP Confidence & Own Your Power.” She teaches her audiences how to increase their confidence with a simple 5 step method that she used to transform her life and make her a more effective and purpose-driven leader. 


Audience Member Testimonial:

“I first met Tara LaFon Gooch at a conference where she was one of the keynote speakers. Her delivery style was clear, concise, and captivating, and she easily broke down some complex topics into easily understandable strategies that left a lasting impression on those of us in the audience.”

-Lysa Allman-Baldwin

CEO & Leadership Speaker

Bestselling Author

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Signature Programs

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How To Lead Confidently

Program Delivery: Live Presentation | Virtual Keynote | Webinar

A lack of confidence can impact growth potential, lead to fewer opportunities, less wealth, and less advancement if unaddressed. However, confidence is not a static state, it is a dynamic quality that has the potential for exponential growth through daily personal development activities. By following a simple five-step method based on my best-selling book, “How To GRASP Confidence & Own Your Power”, leaders unlock their full potential, enabling them to lead with unwavering confidence and inspire those they guide toward collective greatness.

In order to lead a team of many, we first have to learn the art of self-mastery and become a leader of one. This empowered program will transform unconfident leaders into high-performing visionaries capable of becoming the best version of themselves, leading their teams to new levels of success.

After this program you will be able to:

  • Master an Effective 5-Step Method: Discover a practical approach to building confidence, applicable immediately to your life.

  • Defeat Imposter Syndrome and Negative Self-Talk: Acquire How-To techniques to overcome imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and negative inner dialogue.

  • Unleash Your Fullest Potential: Uncover powerful truths within yourself and unlock your innate capabilities.

  • Restore and Sustain Confidence: Learn a proven method for restoring confidence and maintaining it throughout your life.

LinkedIn Growth Strategies

Program Delivery: Live Presentation | Virtual Keynote | Webinar

Gain a competitive advantage and unlock unparalleled business success with this insightful program designed to reveal the most effective strategies for leveraging LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a powerhouse for professional networking and business growth with over a billion members worldwide and over 55 million companies represented. This session provides actionable techniques for building a compelling profile, engaging with your audience, expanding your network, engaging with prospective clients and employees, all tailored to drive business success.

Learn how to utilize LinkedIn’s powerful tools and analytics to generate leads, enhance your brand visibility, and foster meaningful connections. Corporate professionals will particularly benefit from expert tips on establishing thought leadership, attracting top talent, and forging strategic partnerships. Whether you’re looking to attract clients, partners, or top talent, this program will equip you with the knowledge and skills to harness LinkedIn’s full potential and propel your business to new heights.


After this program you will be able to:

  • Enhanced Profile Impact: Learn how to create a compelling LinkedIn profile that attracts attention, highlights your expertise, and effectively represents your brand.

  • Strategic Networking Skills: Gain insights into building and nurturing a powerful professional network, including personalized outreach and active engagement techniques.

  • Content Mastery: Develop a robust content strategy that drives engagement, showcases thought leadership, and keeps your audience engaged with impactful posts and articles.

  • Lead Generation Techniques: Discover advanced methods for using LinkedIn’s tools and analytics to generate high-quality leads, measure campaign success, and achieve measurable business growth.

Naomi Withers
Naomi Withers
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"I had the privilege of experiencing Tara's exceptional leadership and public speaking skills firsthand. Tara is undoubtedly a visionary leader who not only captivates and inspires through her powerful speeches but also leads by example with unwavering passion and commitment to her core values and purpose. Her genuine and thought-provoking presence truly stands out when you connect with Tara. Tara's speeches are not just motivational; they are transformative. She shares her personal journey of overcoming obstacles, extracting valuable life lessons, and inspiring hope in her audience. Tara's stories of resilience and triumph serve as a source of inspiration, emphasising that setbacks can be stepping stones to success."
Gratitude, Resilience & Overcoming Adversity

Program Delivery: Live Presentation | Virtual Keynote | Webinar

Immerse your audience in an empowering journey of personal and professional development. This engaging presentation delivers actionable strategies, equipping individuals to cultivate gratitude, fortify resilience, and skillfully navigate adversity. Uncover transformative insights that go beyond leadership dynamics, inspiring teams and fostering a culture of innovation within organizations. With a resilient mindset as their foundation, attendees will leave not just prepared, but eager to seize growth opportunities and thrive amidst challenges, driving both individual and collective success.

After this program you will be able to:

  • Cultivate a Resilient Mindset: Attendees will be equipped with actionable strategies to cultivate a resilient mindset, allowing them to navigate challenges with strength and grace.
  • Transform Leadership: Gain insights into reshaping leadership dynamics through the integration of gratitude and resilience, fostering adaptability, and inspiring teams to thrive in the face of adversity.
  • Practical Tools for Personal and Professional Growth: Armed with transformative insights, attendees will have practical tools to drive personal and professional growth, maximizing opportunities and thriving amidst the complexities of today’s challenges.
Leadership Speaker

Personal Brand Leadership

Program Delivery: Live Presentation | Virtual Keynote | Webinar Series

Crafting a future-proof brand goes beyond the present; it’s about leaving a lasting legacy. Your identity is your brand, shaping not just your current perception but also your future remembrance. This insightful program guides audiences to identify their core values, beliefs, and principles, fostering authenticity in their online presence. When your beliefs are clear and lived by, every decision, personal and professional, falls into alignment. Your brand isn’t just about the now; it’s about how you’ll be remembered long after.

In addition to these foundational principles, attendees will learn how to social-proof their brands to showcase themselves as the best possible way. Gain insights into leveraging social media to amplify your message, develop content strategies that resonate with your audience, and execute marketing initiatives that authentically reflect your brand values. By mastering these techniques, you’ll ensure sustained business growth and create a lasting impact in your industry.



After this program you will be able to:

  • Strategic Brand Development: Equip yourself with tools to craft a future-proof brand, elevating both growth and company reputation.


  • Authentic Online Presence: Learn to authentically reflect your brand values online, enhancing your company’s credibility and reputation.


  • Social Proofing Strategies: Master social proofing techniques to showcase positive testimonials and endorsements, boosting your company’s credibility and reputation.


  • Sustainable Growth Initiatives: Implement impactful strategies and authentic marketing tactics for sustained growth and to solidify your company’s reputable presence in the market.

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