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With a dynamic presence and a passion for empowering professionals, Tara has inspired audiences around the globe to unlock their full potential and embrace a life of self-assurance through her 5-Step GRASP Method. With unwavering purpose, deep gratitude, and an abundance of confidence, Tara has emerged as a driving force for businesses looking to develop unstoppably confident leaders and teams. Tara is actively making an impact through thought leadership and presence on global stages and conferences where she teaches How-To strategies and practical application techniques that attendees can apply immediately in their lives and at work.

Additionally, Tara also consults professional speakers how to capture the same success on stage and become globally recognized icons.

"Competition only exists when you are doing something for which you are not specifically designed. When you are you are your authentic self, there is no competition and there is no room for comparison."

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Tara is proof that no matter what hardships or adversity you have endured in life, you can live purposefully, successfully, and confidently.

bestselling author, bestselling book, five star review, leadership speaker, keynote speaker.

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Bestselling author, leadership speaker, keynote speaker, award-winning speaker, confidence coach, personal branding expert.
Bestselling author, personal branding expert, leadership speaker, confidence coach, keynote speaker.
Bestselling author, confidence coach, leadership speaker, award winning speaker, author, consultant, TEDx speaker
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Bestselling author, coach, confidence coach, personal branding expert, brand strategist, personal branding coach, business consultant, keynote speaker, leadership speaker, TEDx speaker, conference speaker.